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Taking care of your lawn can be a challenge.  I help homeowners like you with expert advice to conquer their own yards to make them look like a professional has them on a weekly rotation.

You can do it, too!  We just need to take the challenge part out of it.  That’s where I come in.  I help you eliminate the guesswork so you can focus on exactly what you need and where to spend your time and cash.

If you consider the pests, diseases and the different types of plants out there, it is…well, a little overwhelming.

And, at the least, a lot to keep up with.  If this is describing how you feel about your yard, you are not alone.  There are many homeowners who have big ideas and visions, but just need some guidance to get them on the right path. 

Over the last 15 years, I have acquired a knowledge-bank in landscaping and lawncare that I am willing to share with you.

That is why I have created this site.  I want you to know what the professionals won’t tell you.  This is about your Lawncare Made Easy.

Think about it.  If they told you everything, why would you need them?  You could save thousands of dollars just by having the right information and doing it yourself.

Just to show how much I want to help, I have created a FREE guide just for you.

In the guide, you will get:

  • An inside on the basic tools to care for your lawn
  • An overview of the types of mowers along with a review from me
  • Before you mow: learn about the types of grasses
  • A proper way to mow
  • Correct way to fertilize and have a
  • Guide to watering

Stop being overwhelmed.  Take the guess work out for yourself and get the guide!

I teach homeowners and DIY-ers how to have the yard of their dreams + manage it like a boss.

How can I Help You?  Choose an Option.


Landscape and Lawn Design

A full custom layout for your lawn and garden. Includes a consult via Skype or conference line to discuss specifics. You will receive a specially designed digital drawing of your landscape. When complete, you will be ready for planting.

Join my Next Webinar

Don’t miss out on a great opportunity for a jam-packed info session with Q+A at the end.  An interactive and practical class with a one-on-one approach.  This is a great way to take advantage of Lawncare Made Easy and learn in a LIVE setting.

e-Courses and Reports

I have created courses and reports specifically designed with you in mind. They are easy to follow and detail-oriented for the homeowner and DIY-er.  These are very subject specific and focused on every detail of your landscaping.

Wondering Where to Start?

Lawncare Made Easy was designed as an easy approach to designing a yard that you love and keeping it all year long by giving you all the specifics that you will need from someone that has done it before and for many years.

Ready to love your lawn?  This is a good place to start!

Zac Stroud is a Master Gardener and landscape enthusiast. He has spent more than a decade beautifying lawns by seeing potential and bringing to fruition what possibilities are waiting to be discovered.

He enjoys helping others just like you through LIVE tours and clinics, offering professional advice to homeowners and teaching them secrets of the pros.

The goal of this site is to give you the tools to identify what you want to see when you walk out of your own door and make that a reality for you.

Zac is very passionate about his love for landscape and gardening. He is most content when playing in the dirt.

What do people think about my work

This was the best experience. Zac is very professional and had the design finished in a timely manner.

Susan C.


Thank you, Zac for helping us realize that we do love our yard.  We just had no idea it could be this great!

Leann J.


I never thought my property had this much potential. My design was not easy but Zac sure did make it seem that way.

John B.


Zac was a pleasure to work with in coming up with a landscape plan for my entrance. He went above and beyond in drawing the plan and came up with great ideas for the area that I never considered. He did a paper and a computer rendition and did a great job explaining why certain plants would work and others wouldn’t. His plant knowledge and design was what I needed for my project.

Darrell K.


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