What To Do About Weeds

Control your weeds! When weeds are growing at their peak is the best time for them to be controlled. A liquid weed control is the best but make sure you spray it on a a calm day with no wind so the spray wont drift to other plants and keep the sprayer below your...

How Important Is De-thatching

In the paragraphs to come I have described some important tasks that you must do in proper sequence to achieve your goal. At the end you will have some basic steps to beautify your lawn. The results will amaze you! About three-fourths of lawn problems are due to...

Mow Your Lawn Like The Professionals

Mow it for health is what I tell most people. I have seen more home owners mess up there lawn just by improper mowing which leads to poor, scraggly lawns. Knowing how to properly mow your lawn will not only keep your grass looking great and healthy but will aid in...
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