If you didn’t already know, ferns are one of the oldest plants on earth, dating back 350 millions years ago. Today they are the houseplant of choice not only because they are beautiful but also for their ease of care. Now, there are many types of ferns to choose from but the most loved by home owners is the Nephrolepis exaltata. Most of us know it it by its common name the Boston Fern.

No matter where you go during the spring to find a Boston fern you can expect to spend ten to twenty dollars. I can remember only a few years ago (couldn’t be more than 5-6 years) spending only six to seven dollars on a Boston fern. I can’t believe that in such a short amount of time they have almost doubled. Since inflation has caused these plants to increase I have decided to buy two ferns and split them to make four ferns. This is a process that is easily achieved with a hand saw or hack saw. Ferns have fibrous roots so splitting them and potting the two halves separately will not hurt them at all.

Splitting the fern: Now, the drier the soil, the easier it is to cut through the roots. So let fern dry out a couple of days outside before spitting.

Basically, I put the fern on a flat surface like a table or working bench. Took the fern out of the pot, took the hand saw and slowly started to sawing down the middle of the fern. It seemed at first that the saw was going to tear the plant more than a smooth cut. As I got passed the outside roots the rest was like butter. It was a smooth cut and they split perfectly. I took one side and potted it to place on my porch. The other half was potted in a hanging basket and hung from the front porch. Turn the pot around so the fullest side will face out for viewing.

Why spend those outrageous prices for Boston ferns when you can get two for the price of one.

Information on Caring for Ferns

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Ok, so I had to make this video to show everyone how fast these ferns grow in just a couple of months. I literally did very little in the way of maintenance for the ferns I split to get this big. I’m telling you guys, with Boston Ferns costing as muDSC_0863ch as $22 at the beginning of spring this method will surely save you money. As you can see from the photos I have added, these babies are healthy and growing. DSC_0865

Watch the video below to see exactly what they look like.


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