Do you have water puddling around your garage or sidewalk

Are you experiencing water around your garage? After a good hard rain, you have to get the squeegee out and push the water out of the garage?

If this sounds like your situation, then you may need to install a channel drain.

When I moved into my house, the first hard rain we had was a nightmare. I remember my wife calling me at work describing the amount of water we had coming into the garage.

So I had just bought this house that now had water pouring into it. What a mess I was in! 

I did a little research a found that a channel drain is the easiest and least expensive way to move water away from your garage, house or even your backyard. In my case it was the garage under attack.

Having this much water close to your house is only asking for problems. Now we are talking about mold, mildew, rotten wood etc.

Don’t spend your money repairing damages when you could easily fix the problem. I know you’re probably thinking you are not a handyman (or handywoman), but you are.

Listen, at first I thought I had to call a professional drain specialist out and this was going to cost me all kinds of money. No, this is not true at all. Putting in a channel drain, I know, was going to cost at least $1000 if hired out, but I bought the materials for only $300. That’s right folks!  That is some big savings.

After I completed this project I knew there were people out there just like YOU and me wanting to save money and do it ourselves. 

I created this simple easy-to-follow report that anyone can read and follow to complete this project. If I can do it, you can too!

This report has over 30 pages of step-by- step instructions and pictures (plenty of pictures) that will guide you through the installation processes. You will get a full list of all the tools and materials needed to complete this project. The only thing you will need is the confidence to get out there and get it done.

Listen, you don’t need any special rental equipment and you will save at least $1000 by doing yourself. That is a lot of money!

Before you develop mold or rotten wood, which can lead to more money buy my report for only $7.

This is packed full of information that is easy-to-follow with pictures galore.  How can you mess up?   Don’t let this problem cause more problems. By the time you sit down and think about if you should do the channel drain yourself,  you could have easily been reading my report and gathering your materials.

What you will get:

1. Learn step-by-step instruction in how to install a channel drain system.

2. Know exactly what tools and materials you will need to complete the job.

3. A 30 page report full of detail and pictures. much more……


 Get It Now For Only $7!


Is it worth your time to fix the problem rather than waiting on someone who will do exactly what I am telling you to do. Don’t spend more of your hard earned money on projects that are this simple.

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