autumn-joy3Autumn Joy  or Sedum spectabile is one of my favorite perennials in my landscaping. It is virtually maintenance free and has shown to be very hardy without becoming the least bit invasive or crowding to other plants around. Great border plant with ornamental grasses waving in the background.

About: Sedums grow up to 2 feet tall surrounded by a dense crown of shoots that erupt at the beginning of spring. You will also notice the thick strong stem that hold fleshy grayish-green leaves. In late summer you will notice the clusters of flowers blooming and lasting until November. And if that wasn’t enough you can enjoy the meetings of the butterflies that are attracted for miles to the flower.

Care: Heavy fertile soil is not necessary but for perfect growth and flowering plant in full sun and moist soil. It is also a good practice to divide the Autumn Joy every couple of seasons to promote healthy growth and stability.

Problems: Keep your eye on insects and snails which can cause disease.



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