My custom designs are for any size, big or small. After filling out the contact form below we will set up a time to talk either phone or video to discuss details of your future project. Then, I will get to work designing your custom landscape design for you. Once the design is complete, we will talk again to discuss the project and make changes as needed. I want to make this experience for you as enjoyable and exciting as possible.

The Design

Step One
The design process usually begins with an initial viewing of the existing space. At the first meeting, we will discuss your objectives for the project, both visual & functional, and gather site information and photos.
Help us help you. If you want a sidewalk, is it cobblestone or blue stone; straight or meandering? Would you like a garden to dabble in all summer, or one you simply watch and enjoy? Lighting for entertainment or accent? Saving pictures from magazine articles or any visual aid will help us identify the look you like…a picture is worth a thousand words.
We urge prospective clients to think carefully about the scope of the work to be done, priority of projects and budget. Try to find a reasonable figure for a starting budget.  Knowing your budget allows us to prepare realistically.
By the end of our first meeting, we must have enough information to leave with specific measurements and the overall geometry necessary to prepare a concept & begin pricing during step two.

Step Two
During step two, we will review a concept sketch and possibly other visual aides we utilize to help you envision the concept. At this time, we will have cost comparisons so we can identify specific materials to be used. It’s crucial at this point to work out as many details as possible so that we can prepare a detailed proposal and price.

Step Three
During step three, we will review all the details of the project and final pricing. Our ultimate goal during this step is to insure that both parties are on the same page. It is very important for you to know what you’re getting and for us to know what is expected of us. At this point, we should be ready to get to work.

Master Plans and Specifications:
Master plans and specifications are necessary to submit for building permits, homeowner associations, municipalities and commercial projects.  We follow the steps in the design process necessary to assimilate all the details your master landscape design will have. Specifications are written details, explaining the materials to be used and methods of construction. If a master plan is what you need, before we commit ink to paper, we need to know all the details necessary to do the landscape project in its entirety. It is much like doing the project on paper first.




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