Taking care of your landscaping beds can really be a big pain in the neck. Literally!

Weeding is very important when maintaining your beds. These little invaders not only make your beds look horrible they are swiping vital nutrients from your plants. So not only do you need to keep them out for cosmetic reasons it is vital for your plants optimal health.


If you have a small bed then weeding by hand is

no big deal but if your bed stretches around your house then using a weed killer will definitely save you tons of time and back ache.


When I dress my beds with a ground cover I like to use pine straw. Most people use mulch and that is good too but I think pine straw last longer and in the long run will save money compared to mulch.

Now there are two different types of pine straw you can use, long leaf or short leaf. Long leaf lasts the longest and you don’t have to use as much. To make things better the look is out of this world.


If I am just filling in a small area or an area with plants close together then short leaf is my choice.


Whether you choose short or long leaf I am confident that you will be pleased. If you buy from a Home Depot, Lowes or any other big box store make sure you ask how old the pine straw is before buying. If the truck is older than a month then move on to the next store. These are probably dried out and are just going to crumble when you put them out.


If you can afford a dollar more a bale take a look at your local nursery. They usually have higher quality and they don’t buy them buy the truck loads so they are pretty fresh when you buy them. But always check the straw over before finally purchasing.


I have made a video below that I hope will help you with you flower beds and spreading pine straw. Enjoy!


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