Trees are such an important feature in your landscaping. They provide a great focal point and theme. When I say landscaping tree, I am not talking about Water Oaks, Sweet Gum, Maple Trees etc. A landscaping tree would be a tree that is no more than 30 feet tall like a Red Bud, Dogwood and the famous Japanese Maple. I have always made it good practice to manicure these trees because as you will see in the videos below, they can get out of hand. Long straggly limbs going in directions unknown make the area looked very unkempt even though everything else looks great. These unkempt limbs also can cause you to loose a very important feature if high winds become a factor pushing the heavy limb’s weight side to side until it finally gives and breaks. Making a perfect avenue for disease to start.


It takes only a few minutes to take care of this problem and below I will show you just how to do it.


All you need to start is a pair of sharp loppers and the instruction below. Sit back, take some notes and learn how to shape up your tree.


Close cut

When I prune a tree of any sorts I want to make sure that the tree is protected from environmental harms. Especially, when you prune in the summer. As we all know, tree pruning is best in the winter when the tree is dormant and less energy is needed for healing. Disease and bugs are less prevalent in the winter less of a chance damage will be caused by these destructive invaders.  

In this case, pruning was in order due to the increased rain we’ve had this spring and summer. This has caused the tree’s limbs to grow excessively and it has lost its shape.  

After we make a cut close to the tree like in the picture to the left, it is always a good idea to use a pruning seal. That way the cut is sealed like a band aid and gives the tree time to heal. I have been using Spectracide Pruning Seal for years.


Protects the wound from environment.

You can find this anywhere and it is very inexpensive. You will probably need to add this about twice depending on when you pruned the tree. I would spray it once a month during the summer to get the tree to dormancy, after that you are good to go.



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