This pass summer I bought a new house. The place needed a little TLC in the landscaping department but all together it was a great buy for me and my family. I noticed when we were looking at the house there was a silver maple tree right next to the house that had not produced any leaves for the summer. Well, as you might had guessed, it was dead. I knew as soon as we closed on this house that something had to be done about that tree. It was right next to the house and so I had to get it down before it fell on the house.


I called around to see what it would cost to take the tree down. Well, unfortunately the time I needed a tree taken down hurricane Irma comes through and causes a complete mess. Now, to my amazement this tree was still standing the next morning after 80 mile an hour winds blew through. So I knew at this point that it was still solid on the inside and I had some time before it was completely rotten. All the tree companies in my area wanted between $1000 and $1500 to take this tree down. After I heard that I had to give a shot and take it down myself first. I had a Poulon 16 in for about 10 years and it worked great but it was time to cash it in and start over with a new saw. I did a little investigating and read all the reviews I could to help me make the best decision on buying a chainsaw within my budget.  After finding as much information as I could on different chainsaws I picked the Husqvarna 435 at Lowes for $279. Thankfully, they had one more available on the very top shelf.


So, I am super excited about my new purchase and ready to get this tree down. By the way I was thinking of how much money I was going to save. The next weekend I took the saw outside took it out of the box and removed the plastic. I read the instructions on how to set it up, just to make sure that I don’t miss a step that could possibly cause it not to perform at its highest standards. I filled the tank with gas oil mix and added the bar oil. I picked the saw up, push the choke lever up and pump the primer bulb three times.


Nothing, I gave it three more pulls and it starts right up. Man she sounded good. I let it sit for a minute or two to let it warm up. I then picked it up walk over to the tree and started to cut. Everything was going good until I got about 6 inches into the tree. Now this is were it got bad.


It took me an hour to get this tree to fall. I cut and I cut and I cut. Every time I put the saw to work it would stop, not cut off, just stop. It would not cut at all. So i had to pull the saw back and go at it full throttle again and again to get this tree to finally fall. Then after that ordeal I had to cut the tree up. I had to tighten the chain numerous times during this whole thing which wasn’t a big deal just a pain in the butt. So although the price is reasonable the saw just doesn’t have the power to do what is needed even as a homeowner.


I think for $279 it should take care of more than just small branches and small trees. If I need a tree that is 18 – 20 inch in diameter to come down then this saw should be able to get it done. Anything bigger I could understand the bogging down but this tree was relatively a small tree to me. Since this posting I have bought a Stihl chain saw. So far it is doing exactly what I need it to do. I will do a review on this chainsaw as well.


Hoped this review has helped you in some way to choose or not to choose this chain saw. My objective was not to discredit this saw or bash it to death. I still respect Husqvarna outdoor equipment. My only objective is to give you an honest review to help you make the best decision.

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