Mow it for health is what I tell most people. I have seen more home owners mess up there lawn just by improper mowing which leads to poor, scraggly lawns. Knowing how to properly mow your lawn will not only keep your grass looking great and healthy but will aid in warding off diseases, weeds and insects. For example when to much of the grass blade is removed at one time this sends the grass into shock causing a reduction in root-system. These long clipping don’t decompose fast so we are right back where we started with thatch.

For best results cut your lawn as frequently as needed. No more than one-third of the grass blade is removed in a single mow. When grass is growing at a fast pace then cut it more frequently and vis versa when grass growth slows down. If grass gets too tall and gets away from you cut it one time 3 inches from the ground. About four days later cut again at usual height. Now remember always use a sharp blade when mowing, this will ensure a clean crisp cut that will make your grass have a uniform look across the top. For inspiration take a look at any local golf course. That grass is not only beautifully green but the cut is the same for every grass blade.

Just a few more tips when mowing your grass:

1. Change mowing pattern from cut to cut. Try using a criss-cross pattern for best results.

2. Never mow damp or wet grass.

3. Mow before any fertilizer or seeding is applied but wait 24 hours after you have watered before mowing again.

4. Mow in the coolest part of the day.

5. Never cut below 2 inches

These 5 tips are very important to a long lasting healthy thick lawn.

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