Hello everyone and welcome. I am dedicating this page for those who want to watch me step-by-step renovate my lawn. Those of you that have been following me for the last couple years you have seen some of the landscaping at my previous resident. When I moved into my older home it had one sad azalea in the front that looked as pitiful as the rest of the land. Little by little I started to add plants taking out trees to bring in some sunlight and totally transformed that little house into a first homeowner’s dream.

Back in September 2017 we sold our little house to a wonderful young couple and we moved into to our 1970’s ranch style home. Due to budget had to buy something that needed a little work but had enough room for our kids. We were blessed to find such a home with so much potential and beauty. When we looked at the house from the beginning I immediately saw things that needed to change.

So what am I making this page for? I want to share my experience transforming this yard into a beautiful eye catching master piece. I am starting with a new slate so you can follow me through every step. I will give you the prices of what it costs to have work done that I can’t do myself and let you know what I paid for the projects I do myself. This is going to be on a very strict budget so this will definitely be challenging. Be sure to op-tin to my email list below to follow me during this process. You won’t want to miss one second.

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Chapter 1

Removing and Pruning Trees

When we moved in I knew right away that something had to be done with the trees. My wife loved the BIG oaks and maples , they made the home feel very Savannah like. So I knew I couldn’t cut the trees down at this point and to be perfectly honest I agreed with her but don’t tell her I said that. The trees were a little out of hand and needed a good pruning. I didn’t want the trees butchered and mangled to were the looked like a crape myrtle in the fall. I just wanted them limbed up a little to let the sun filter its way in to the ground for grass growth. Take a look below at before and after pics:

The dying Silver Maple was taken down first. I really hated to see this tree go. It added a lot of character to the front of the house but the english ivy was allowed to take over and eventually caused the tree to decline in health.

This is a magnified view for you to see for yourself. Look to the back of the tree and you will see that some of the limbs had already been cut. Most likely because they were dead. When we moved in 6 months ago I thought that I could save it but after having a few arborist come over to give their opionn it was going to cost to much and there was no guarantee that it would live. I told the tree guys

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