Hand pruners are a necessity if you are an advate gardner. What most homeowners might not know is there are two types of pruners and each one serves a different purpose. Lets look a little closer in to this.

Pruning is a constant task for gardeners 6 months out of the years for most gardeners (depending on where you live). From shaping to beautifying your shrubs or just removing dead limbs. To choose the right hand pruner you have to know what your looking for.

There are two types of hand pruners that are used the most that can help you complete your yard duties. They are bypass and anvil.

The bypass pruner consists of two cutting blades but the top blade cutting blade does not come in direct contact with the lower cutting blade. As you can see the bypass makes a nice clean cut. The lower blade is not as sharp as the top blade but still can be dangerous if not used with care.

The anvil pruner has one single cutting blade that come in direct contact with a flat edge blade called the anvil. These are mostly used for cutting deadwood which calls for a tougher bulkier pruner. The anvil pruner is not made for precise cuts so don’t plan on using them form root cutting.

The cost of your pruners can range from $8 to $75. Do you need the most expensive pair, not at all. Always shop for what your budget will allow. Granted the more expenso=ive pruners like Corona, Felco and Red Rooster are a professional grade so the steel blade will be carbon steel. Carbon steel can be resharpened so they will last you a long time. If possible always hold a pair of pruners before buying just to see if they are comfortable, especially those with small hands.

There are also pruners for those with hand strength problems such as arthritis. In todays world were ergonomics is a top priority, pruners are right in line with their designs from cushioned handles to rotating handles. Don’t worry lefties, they haven’t left you guys out either but you made have to look a little harder.

Below I have created a video that will help you understand more about the bypass and anvil pruner:


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