Many homeowners out there wonder if they should buy a metal wheel barrow or a plastic wheel barrow. Now before you read any further, it is important to understand that you will always get what you pay for. So with that being said there are cheap plastic wheel barrows and there are cheap metal wheel burrows. If you decide not to spend the money to get a quality product then it doesn’t matter which one you buy it won’t stand the test of time nor will it perform up to your standards. I learned many years ago to buy good quality products. Now don’t let this be misconstrued as to me saying the most expensive product is the best or vis versa. I am simply saying that don’t let price influence your decision in choosing a product. Choose quality.

Now that is out of the way, lets move on.

About 10 years ago I bought a plastic wheel burrow from one of the big box stores. At the time I only needed it to move dirt or bags of soil. A year into using the plastic wheel burrow I had to have a pine tree taken down and to save myself a little money (because we all know how expensive it is to have a tree removed from your yard) I told to tree company to leave the wood and I would dispose of it myself. My family and I like to burn fires a night on the weekends so I new the wood would not go to waste. Up until this point the plastic wheel burrow had completed many tasks and had held up great so why would it not hold up to this task.

After putting wood logs into the plastic wheel burrow a few times I noticed a crack. This crack began to get bigger and bigger. By the end of the day this crack turned into a huge hole. The plastic wheel burrow was no more. I needed a to finish wheel burrow  to finish the job so I cut a piece of ply wood and placed it on the floor of the wheel burrow to cover up the hole. Beside the hole in the floor the rest of the wheel burrow has held up very well to this day ( July 6, 2018). The tire stays full and tight so I don’t have to fill it with air every time I want to use it. The bolts are beginning to get a little loose so heavy projects like rocks or WOOD makes it hard to maneuver around turns.

Let me now tell you about my experience with my metal wheel burrow.

I had bought a metal wheel barrow from my brother who was doing a little spring cleaning and thought he needed to get rid of his wheel burrow. So I took him up on the deal. It was in great shape and it was kept in a dry place when not being used. He had bought it about three or four years ago and really didn’t use it, so to me it was brand new. Like everyone else, including myself , he bought the wheel burrow at  one of the big box stores. This wheel burrow cost $100 in the store verse the plastic wheel barrow that cost half that. As soon as I got that sucker home I put it to work. It was about younger than my plastic wheel barrow and really came in handy when moving heavy loads. The kicker is, use the metal wheel burrow less times than the plastic one. Why? Because I always have to pump the tire up and the nuts and bots are so worn out that every time i set it on the legs it sways back and forth. I have tightened them as much as possible and the wood is cracking and starting to split. At this point I may need to replace the frame or buy a new one.

The moral of the story:

I wrote this post to give some real life experience with both types of wheelbarrows. As you can see one is not better than the other and both have advantages and disadvantages. The real question to ask yourself is what will you be using it for. My life style today demands a wheelbarrow that will  stand up to heavy loads and hard work all the time. Today a plastic wheelbarrow would never last a week at my place.

There are plenty of different types of wheelbarrows out there that will serve you well. Some have two wheels, some have four. My advise is to buy one with a totally metal frame or if you choose a plastic wheel burrow choose one that is fabricated together. I have examples below that will give you a good idea of what I am taking about.




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