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Welcome to Lawncare Made Easy…all things landscaping and lawncare.  This is the place for tricks and tips the pros use to help you have the best yard in the neighborhood. 



beautiful hydrangea plant shrub with big blooms





Video on How To Prune and Fertilize Hydrangeas

Pruning hydrangeas is a crucial aspect of their care routine, influencing their growth, health, and blooming potential. Understanding the nuances of pruning techniques tailored to different hydrangea types is key to maintaining vibrant and lush plants. In this...

3 Secrets To A Thicker Lawn

Is it possible to have a thicker lawn? A lawn is the pride of a homeowner and since the 1950's homeowners have pushed themselves to having the best lawn in the neighborhood. Some one may think that a few supplements thrown out each month will get you yard of the month...

Mulch Or Bag Grass Clippings?

As I am standing in my lawn I am questioning should I bag them or mulch them? That my friend is a question that most homeowners have when mowing their lawn.  We all want the best lawn possible so we want to do the right thing to really make it stand out. Is this...

July Lawn Care Video

By now we are a little tired of lawn maintenance. The good news is that you can sit back and relax. When temperatures reach into the 90's and some places hotter than that your grass could use a break. Take this time to catch up on other gardening tasks such as...

How To Keep Your Spirea Blooming Video

Growing Spirea If you are looking for a shrub with endless color throughout the year then spirea is the one. It is one of the easiest plants to grow in just about any landscape. It has a hardiness in zones 4 - 8 but don’t be surprised if you guys in zone 3 or 9 can...

Got Grubs?

Grubs are very dustructive. They are the worm like stage of Japanese Beetles. If not controlled they can destroy large parts of the lawn, that is not so easy to repair. So it is best to treat for them as soon as possible. If you think they destroy things under ground,...

Choosing The Right Perennials For Your Landscape

Choosing the right perennials for your landscape is a very big deal. As we come into summer and some plants start to lose their spring color the perennials come in to fill the gaps. Perennials can be great to fill in those areas that become a little bland after...

Butterfly Bushes In Bloom!

If you want a plant that is easy to take care of plus brings the color all summer long, then (Buddleia) butterfly bushes is the plant for you. They are fast growing and attract an enormous amount of pollinators such as bees, hummingbirds and of course butterflies....

What’s Eating My Hosta?

The bad and the ugly of snails and slugs attacking hosta plants.    We all know that when we have a garden at some point we will have a visitor, big or small, who will enjoy munching on our plants.  Well, this article will discuss how to identify and treat the snail...

Video Yoshino Cherry Tree Healing From Gummosis

Helping A Tree Recover From GummosisTrees are an important aspect of the yard, so losing one could be very detrimental. Last spring we had a Yashino tree become infected with Gummosis. If any of your trees have experienced this then you know it is an oozing of sap...

Over-Watering Plants

Over-water is easy to do. We all want our plants to have everything they need to grow healthy and big but are we over doing it? I will explain how you will know if your plants are getting a little too much.  Watering your plants the right wayAs with all living...
landscape design,Zac Stroud

Hi, I’m Zac,

I am here to teach the long kept secrets the pros don’t want you know! With over 20 years experience in the lawn care and landscaping field I have learned the secrets to achieving the best yard in the neighborhood.

Over the years I have helped many people reach their goals of having a beautiful yard. From properly drawn out landscaping beds to riding the lawn of nut sedge. This site was created to help save you time and money by not spending it on products that are mostly marketing scams. I will stop the frustration and failures due to misguided information.

When I started out I was just like you easily persuaded to buy that bag of fertilizer just because of the big name. I spent many hard earned dollars falling in to the traps of false advertising that didn’t make my lawn look like that lawn on the front of the bag.

Since then I have gained a ton of knowledge on the dos and don’t s of lawn care and landscaping that I want to share with you. I want to save you time and money on making the same mistakes. If you are reading this you are already on your way to the beautiful yard you have always wanted.


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