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Hi there, welcome to Lawncare Made Easy! This is the last plant, landscaping, and lawn care site you will ever need. I will share with you the tricks and tips the pros use to help you have the best yard in the neighborhood.



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Benefits of Peat Moss

The benefits of peat moss is not only valuable to the life of your plants but also your bank account. The list below will point out 7 ways peat moss is advantageous for you to use in your gardening practices.Peat moss is well known by gardeners everywhere as an needed...

5 Companion Plants For Ornamental Grasses

There is most likely a place in your landscape that ornamental grass would fit. Although ornamental grasses can be used in many ways it is hard to know exactly what to plant with them. When considering  what plants to pair with your ornamental grass you need to...

Choosing The Right Turf For Your Climate.

Do you have a lawn that needs a make over? Choosing the right lawn can be a very important decision. There are 5 things to consider that can make the decision process easier.Choosing the right turf for your lawn will be one of the most important lawn decision you will...

7 Mistakes Homeowners Make With Their Lawn 

7 Mistakes Homeowners Make With Their Lawn                                                                                          Don't be one of them. For some homeowners cutting the grass once a week and never fertilizing it is just fine with them and this article...

7 Interesting Facts About Roses

Roses are one of the most used plants in the garden. Rarely, do you pass a landscape where roses are not incorporated into the landscaping beds. Homeowners worldwide have always been fascinated by the rose and the excitment it brings from the first of spring until the...

Knowing What Plants Compliment Your Home

Is it really that important to choose the right plants to compliment your home? Just by picking the right trees and plants will give your home a whole new look.  The video below will discuss what to look for when you are browsing the garden center for a fresh plants....

To Leave Or Not To Leave?

Leaves can be very beneficial to your lawn and plants but can hard on the eyes during the winter months.  That brings us to the question should we leaves them or remove them?There has been a lot of  discussion on whether you should rake your leaves out of your...

Pet Friendly Lawns

Your lawn is important but nor more important than your little fury friend.  It can be difficult to know what is the best fertilizer to put on your lawn that is per friendly plus effective.  To know what is pet friendly can be a challenge since the definition is not...

Crabgrass Prevention and Control

Rid Crabgrass From Your Lawn          Simple techniques that will help you prevent and kill crabgrass.Let's Talk A Moment About Crabgrass Crabgrass is actually an annual weed that takes over in any spots that are bare. It is very green and attractive to the untrained...

Ugg….Japanese Beetles

Japanese beetles can be one of the most destructive insects within the yard. If you have plants you can garantee that you will have to battle the Japanese Beetle. It’s important to know that while grubs living under your lawn will hatch into japanese beetles you...
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Hi, my name is Zac. I am here to help you! Meet me in the lawn to learn my lawn care and landscaping secrets.

I created this site to help save you money by not spending it on products that are mostly marketing scams. I can help you prevent frustration and lawn failures due to misguided information.

 I used to be the man who was easily persuaded to buy that bag of fertilizer just because of what the label read. I spent many dollars on mostly false advertising that didn’t make my lawn look like that lawn on the front of the bag. Since then I have gained a ton of knowledge on the dos and don’t s of lawn care. I want to save you the same time and money on making the same mistakes. If you are reading this you are on your way to not just a healthier beautiful lawn but more money in your pocket!



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