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Ornamental shrubs companion plants

There is most likely a place in your landscape that ornamental grass would fit. Although ornamental grasses can be used in many ways it is hard to know exactly what to plant with them.

When considering  what plants to pair with your ornamental grass you need to consider there light, water and soil requirements. Plants with similar growing requirement needs make great companion plants.


1. Miscanthus sinensis  “Adagio”  and  Nepeta “Catmint”

A smaller version of the maiden grass with  feathery plumes that turn white for the summer. The silvery blades turn a bronze orangey color during the fall.  A matching grayish color foliage ,Catmint is the perfect combination with Adagio in hot sunny locations. Catmint has long 6“ purple spikes if planted in masses in front of Adagio will serve as a spectacular border.


2. Pennistetum setaceum rubrum “Purple Fountain Grass”  and  Rudbeckia hirta “Black-eyed Susan” fountain grass is sure to turn any head. The bright purple blades with burgundy arching spikes makes this ornamental grass a favorite by many homeowners. A mound of Black eyed Susan’s golden color can play of the dark tones of the purple fountain grass.


3.  Pennistetum alopecuroides “ Hamlen”  and Echinacea purpurea “Purple cone flower”

As we all know, any cone flower in the garden is a good thing. Echinacea varieties are drought tolerant and when used with ornamental grasses serve as a great ground cover with tons of color.

Hamlen fountain grass is a hardy ornamental grass that grows to about 3 feet and gives three seasons of color.  The fine texture green blade are tipped with a white fury seed head. In the fall it will turn a rustic color to blonde in the winter.


 4. Miscanthus sinesis “ Little Zebra Grass” and Salvia nemorosa “Purple salvia”

The little zebra grass is great when used as a border plant or a small hedge. With bright green grass blades with variegation of yellowish-white stripes it is sure to make an impression.Make sure your little zebra is planted in full sun with occasional water during dry parts of the summer.

May night purple salvia has bright purple stalks with dark green leaves. If you like bees, butterflies and hummingbirds then this plant with not only brighten up the borders


5. Switchgrass “ Shenandoah”   and   Verbena bonariensis “Homestead Purple”

If you need a low key grass, switchgrass is the ticket. Not as over bearing as summer ornamental grasses but gives off color from summer all through the fall months. The Shenandoah variety turns a bright red in fall  when other ornamental grasses are starting to lose their stamina. Couple this with the purple blast from the verbena and you have non-stopping color. A good watering during times of drought will help the blooming show continue until the first frost. 












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