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Azalea spring bloom

Picking the right shrubs for your landscape for color.

A landscape that has color registers to the mind as interesting. It will make a passerby want to slow down a take it all in. Most beds will have a little color but not enough to really excite the brain. There are certain plants that are needed to make your beds pop. I mean let’s be serious, no one wants drabby landscape beds that don’t give off a vibe when you look at them. After reading the list below you will have 5 examples of plants that will add color to your landscape beds.



Below I will discuss 5 of my favorite shrubs to add excitement and interest to your beds.


Some of the oldest shrubs that you see in the landscape. The funny thing is even to this day I still get requests for these in a design or at the nursery. People still have an soul for the great past time shrubs. Like many people today they remind us of our mother’s or grandmother’s beds. They take us back to our love ones and that is how we remember them.

Not all azaleas are equal so you have to be diligent in picking them out. So many varieties now so take your time in choosing them. Big names like Encore, Proven Winners and Monrovia grow beautiful azaleas that now bloom three times a year instead of once, like the older azaleas

Azalea spring bloom

Little Henry Sweetspire

A beautiful compact shrub that gives a new look to the landscape. The shrub is a dwarf version of the Henry Garnet that grows up to 6 or 8 feet. Unlike its parent plant the Little Henry grows only to about 3 feet with a nice natural growing habit. The spring  stalk like shoot has  small white flowers with a light scent. This is a unique shrub with not only an attraction in the spring but also the fall. The leaves turn a bright red before dropping close to winter.

Little Henry Garnet

Gold Flame Spirea

If you are looking for a pop of color to brighten up your beds then look no further. This shrub will never disappoint. Bright pink blooms from spring to fall. Fall brings even more color when the tips do the leaves turn a bright red mixed with a little yellow. As the old blooms start to turn brown in the summer just prune them and more will come.



Gold Flame Spirea

Keilodoscope abelia

With so many varieties of abelia Keilodoscope is one of my favorites. A shrub that if grown in part shade will have chartreuse color that really stands out. If left to grow in the full sun it will show an abundant of color of red, yellow and green. In early spring Keilodoscope  blooms a very small white flower that covers the entire shrub. Easy to care for and deer resistant. What more can you ask for!


5 shrubs that add color to the landscape
Leaves of Kaleidoscope abelia in full sun

Peach Rose Drift

The rose is one of the oldest plants to date. They have been used in so many famous gardens throughout history that iI would be a crime not to include them in yours. With a ton of varieties surely you could find one to meet your liken. One of my favorites and one that blooms prolifiaclly all summer I had to include it in this list. The picture to the right is my Peach Drift rose. I have 5 in a row and when they start blooming they DON’T stop. I will spray them with a little  rose spray during the humid months and they perform like a charm.


So if you are looking for shrubs that will really show off and give you a show during the growing season then check out these above. I have been using them in landscape installs for the last few years and my clients tell me how much they enjoy them year after year.

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