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Roses are one of the most used plants in the garden. Rarely, do you pass a landscape where roses are not incorporated into the landscaping beds. Homeowners worldwide have always been fascinated by the rose and the excitment it brings from the first of spring until the first frost.

Below I have listed 7 Interesting facts about roses that may be you didn’t know. Check them out and enjoy.



1. Roses are made up of different colors. Do you know what they mean?

Red – Love and Passion

Yellow – Friendship and Joy

Pink Roses – Elegance

Peach – Sincerity

White – Innocence

Orange – Excitement




2. That’s a BIG ROSE!

The largest rose ever was recorded by Nikita Rulhoksoffski from California. The rose was measured at a width close to 3 feet (33 inches to be exact).

3. Oldest Flower

The Rose of Hildesheim which is in Germany is to the date the oldest living rose. The rose is said to be over a 1000 years old and was said to be planted along with the finished construction of the cathedral it was planted next to.


4. Bon Appetit

Not only are roses beautiful to look at but they are also quite tasty. For centuries rose petals have been used in other countries as a flavoring agent in jellies. They are also packed with vitamin C. So if you are feeling a little under the weather grab a nice warm cup of rose hemp tea to help boost your immune system.

5. Rose Varieties

There are 150 species of roses world wide. If you didn’t know apples, peaches, pears are part of the rose family.


6. Most Expensive Rose

The Juliet rose was developed by David Austin. It took over a decade to develope and cost close to 3 million dollars. 

7. The National Flower

In 1986 Ronald Reagan made the rose the official flower of the US in Nov.

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