Hi, I'm Zac.

Welcome to LawnCare Made Easy. Let’s make your yard a place that you enjoy

where you can spend time with friends and family.

Do you want to transform your yard?

That’s great! You are in the right place.

Designing your landscape just got a lot easier.

Imagine having a great lawn where you enjoy doing whatever you like.  It is not as hard as you may think.

I create custom landscape designs so that you can get on with enjoying your outdoors.

Your design plans will have you ready for a professional to install or if you are a DIY-er, you will have a digital design, plant list, and a hardscape materials list so that you are ready to plant.

For most people, your home is the biggest investment that you will make.  Why settle for ‘builder grade” plants or strolling the isles in the big box stores buying plants that may or may not work?

Be the house that others slowly drive by…








landscape design

Zac Stroud is a Landscape designer and Master Gardener. He has spent more than a decade beautifying lawns by seeing potential and bringing to fruition what possibilities are waiting to be discovered.

He enjoys helping others just like you through LIVE tours and clinics, offering professional advice to homeowners and teaching them secrets of the pros.

The goal of this site is to give you the tools to identify what you want to see when you walk out of your own door and make that a reality for you.

Zac is very passionate about his love for landscape and gardening. He is most content when playing in the dirt.