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landscape design,Zac Stroud

I created this website for after finding out how many homeowners have such a hard time taking care of their lawn and plants.

After graduating from college with a Biology degree in 2008, I spent 14 years in the medical field. 

I had always had a passion for landscape design. I designed landscapes on the side for landscapers and home owners but in 2021 I took the plunge and quit my job to peruse a career change in the landscaping. For the last two years I have learned so much in not just the design but landscaping and plant care. My interest that sparked so many years ago and the knowledge that I obtained has allowed me to help so many people. 


My main objective is to show you how to achieve thick green lawns to beautiful manicured landscape without the all the hassle of trying to hire some one to do a halfway good job.

In between the landscape design and installing I want to provide you guys with the most up to date information without the worry.

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Until we talk again stay inspired and lawn on.


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