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Peat moss

The benefits of peat moss is not only valuable to the life of your plants but also your bank account. The list below will point out 7 ways peat moss is advantageous for you to use in your gardening practices.

Peat moss is well known by gardeners everywhere as an needed ingredients in the soil amendment process.

Peat moss hailes from decomposed sphagnum moss which is found under water. It is added to soils by many gardeners due to it’s water retention factor.

Benefits of Peat moss:

1. Retains water for plants: Able to retain water for the plant to use during times of drought.

2. Less watering time

3. Good drainage: Prevents soil from becoming water-logged  by its ability to release water slowly.

4. No compaction: This is a lightweight soil that does not become compacted over time. It will actually let you know when water is needed as it starts to dry out.

5 Retains soil nutrients: Watering your plants washes the three main nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus  and potassium out of the soil. Peat moss help in retaining those nutrients longer for the plant to grow stronger roots.

6. No Bacteria: Peat moss is sterilized before it is shipped to stores. Therefore you are using a sterile product free of bacteria. This is not true for most planting amendments you find at your local garden centers. This is great when starting your own seeds since they are extremely vulnerable to pathogens.

7. Great Shelf Life: Peat moss in nature would take many years to decompose. When mixed with other plant material it can last up to 24 months before having to be replaced.


I have been using peat moss for 20 years. I can say that here in the south during hot dry spells it has saved my plants from dying many times.



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