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Create A Garden Bed That Lasts All Summer!

Choosing the right perennials for your landscape is a very big deal. As we come into summer and some plants start to lose their spring color the perennials come in to fill the gaps.

Perennials can be great to fill in those areas that become a little bland after spring.

Picking the right perennials for your bed

This part can be a little tricky. If you are not careful it could stick out like a sore thumb. Some perrenials look fine where every you plant them but just like any other part of your landscape you want the plants to come together insyc. Look at the picture below.

In the picture below you will see that the flowers that are chosen have a bit of similarity in color. If you were looking on a color wheel you would notice that these colors complement each other. 

Yellow and orange are next to each other so they are analogous. When used together they cause a very pleasing and calm effect to the brain. 

The red is complementary to orange so using it doesn’t affect the balance of the garden. It actually gives a bit of excitement to the bed and most people would find it stimulating.

White is a natural color. It can be used with just about any color design. It will break up the other colors and show some separation in the bed, almost like empty space.

It’s important to use the color wheel when you are putting plants together. This will give your beds a continuous flow of color and also remember to add perennials in where one goes out of color and another one comes into color. Make that summer color last!

Perennial gardens have always been a huge hit in the landscape, past and present.  Some of my favorite are listed below:


–  Purple Dome

–  Pink Victor

–   Grape Crush



–  Autumn Joy

–  Night Embers

–  Lemon Ball


– Born To Run

–  Monterrey Jack


–  Cheyenne Spirit

–  Summer Song


– May Night

– Back To Fushsia

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