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Grubs Making You Grumpy?

Grubs are very dustructive. They are the worm like stage of Japanese Beetles. If not controlled they can destroy large parts of the lawn, that is not so easy to repair. So it is best to treat for them as soon as possible.

If you think they destroy things under ground, wait till they hatch and become a Japanese Beetle. They head strait for your foliage plants that you have so patiently grown and cared for all this time.

Now there are preventative measures you can take to keep them away from your lawn but they doesn’t always work. Then it is treatment time. At the end of this post I give you the most useful treatments for grubs that I have used with great success.




Signs That You Have Grubs

1.  Brown patches in the lawn. You will see this sign when grubs start to eat the roots of the lawn. The grass will no longer be able to take in nutrients or water since the grubs are filling their fat little bellies. 

2.  Notice digging in the lawn. Grubs are usually the prey of racoons, skunks and some birds. If you notice digging patches throughout your lawn skunks and racoons are most likely the culprit. Check close by areas to see if grubs are present.

3. Lawn easy to peel back. These areas are not always brown and dying. The lawn will look week and thin which leads to being able to easily pull back the grass. When you do grubs should be close to the surface.

4.  Japanes beetles are present. If japanese beetles are eating the leaves of your plants, most likely you have grubs as well. Grubs eventually hatch as a japanese beetle and during the summer season they lay their eggs in the soil for next year. 

“ They lay their eggs in the soil for next year.”


Timing First

During the spring months (April – June) the female japanese beetle will feed and continuously go back to the ground to lay eggs. These eggs will hatch toward the end of summer as adult beetles and begin to eat on the leaves of plants. They will also lay eggs that turn into grubs and begin eating the roots of your lawn. They will then hatch next year into adult japanese beetles and the cycle starts over again.


To prevent grubs I would recommend you use one of the following products:

1. Scotts Grub Ex

This is the most popular product on the market. For Scotts Grub Ex to work its best it will need to be apply in late spring to early summer since the active ingredients takes longer to activate. 

2. BioAdvanced Season Long Grub Control

Another great product! I have actually seen this work during any part of the growing season. Just make sure you Water it in thoughally to start the active ingredients.

3. Imidacloprid

This is a professional grub killer in liquid form. It will give about an acre worth of protection for three months. A little more pricier than the previous two products but packs a punch when used regularly.

4. Milky Spore

For a more organic approach milky spore can be just as affective over time. You may have to adjust your patient tolorence when using this product. If you are diligent in applying this every year you may not start to see a difference until after the three year mark.


If you by chance are just now starting to see japanese beetles and you haven’t put down some sort of preventative treatment, don’t worry not all is lost.

There is a 24hour treatment that BioAdvanced has that you can apply to kill grubs in a day. It is called 24 hour grub killer plus. One bag treats up to 5000sq feet so make sure you know the square footage of your lawn before you purchase.


I hope this article has shed some light on grub control. Sometimes we get overwhelmed a panic takes over when we have pests destroying our lawn or plants. Just relax and know that there is a solution available.

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