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Growing Spirea

If you are looking for a shrub with endless color throughout the year then spirea is the one. It is one of the easiest plants to grow in just about any landscape. It has a hardiness in zones 4 – 8 but don’t be surprised if you guys in zone 3 or 9 can grow it also. The type of soil it is grown in usually has none affect nor does most environmental conditions such as drought and humidity.

Spirea is perfect for butterfly gardens, foundation planting or put them up front for an attractive focal point. The cluster of flowers come in many different colors including white, pink and red. The foliage is not bad looking either with a tooth like appearance and gives of a color ranging from bright yellow – chartreuse in the spring to scarlet red in the fall. This plant is very showy so expect passers-by to slow down or even stop to look at these show offs.


Keep your soil moist but don’t over do it. Soggy soil will only end up drowning the roots which can lead to plant death. This is one of the best drought tolerant plants so don’t think it needs to be watered daily.


Spring is the best time to apply fertilizer and for spirea there is no difference. I always use osmacote fertilizer in the spring. First of each month starting in April through June. Osmocote is a time- released fertilizer so it will feed all month long. Follow the instructions on the container for best results.


Pruning is always important when you want to keep your plants healthy. A nice trim removes the dead branches which allows the sunlight to stimulate new growth. The new growth on spirea is what gives them there vibrant color. Prune your spirea in late winter of very early spring for new growth then again in early summer to shape it up and stimulate a second bloom. The late winter – early spring prune should be be a little more drastic than the early summer prune. Make sure your pruning tool is sharp to cut not tear the stems off. Always use disinfectant to clean pruners before and after to not spread disease.

And there you have it. You are now well on your way to growing beautiful healthy spirea.


A few of my favorite spireas that I use in the landscape:

1. Candy Corn (Proven Winner)

2. Goldmound 

3. Gold Flame (Monrovia)

4. Double Play Doozie (Proven Winner)

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