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Pet friendly lawn

Your lawn is important but nor more important than your little fury friend.  It can be difficult to know what is the best fertilizer to put on your lawn that is per friendly plus effective.  To know what is pet friendly can be a challenge since the definition is not point blank. So to remove all the uncertainly pet friendly fertilizer for the most part as long as the fertilizer doesn’t contain herbicide, pesticides or fungicides they are consider pet friendly.

On the other hand some fertilizers are consider bone meal to be organic but your dog may may eat these fertilizers and that could be very harmful.There are two things you do before having to seek out fertilizers that are safe for your pets. First ,watering your fertilizer in after application is one of the most important tasks that will keep the fertilizer out of contact from your pet. I have read many different types of fertilizers that instruct water in the fertilizer. Another way of keeping your dogs away from the fresh fertilized lawn is to keep your pet in the back while you fertilize the front then vise versa. This will keep the pet from ingesting the fertilizer. To be clear of why the fertilizer companies want you to keep your pets away from the fresh fertilizer is not the contact but the ingestion. If you can execute a good watering regime after fertilizing then most of the fertilizers out there can be safe for your pets.

For those of you who are set on fertilizers that are labeled safe for pets I have put together a list that will help you on your search for the safest fertilizer for you best friend.

1. Milorgonite – This is an all around fantastic fertilizer. I use it not only on my grass but also on my plants. Now I will say that the nitrogen is low but that keep thos not familiar with fertilizing from burning up the plant roots if they apply to much. This is a slow release of nitrogen and iron that is made from microbes. Since it is not made from animal products it is very unlikely your pet would want to ingest it. I have really achieved som great results from using milorganite. The green color that it keeps the grass is unbelievable. It you are new to fertilizers and there application then I would definitely use milorganite.

2. Liquid Lawn – Any lawn fertilizer that is liquid based would be the best pet friendly fertilizer. When applying the granules you have to wait 48 hours before watering in. With the liquid based you water it in as you apply. It is immediately absorbed in to the lawn and your pets never have to be tempted to eat it. Liquid based also cover more territory evenly than granules.

3. Natures Lawn and Garden –  As it says it is Bio- enhanced. One of the main ingredieants in this fertilizer is Kelp. Kelp is magnificent at making your grass green. Kelp is seaweed and is used as a biostimulant in turf grass.

4. Pet safe  – With most granule fertilizers you have to wait 48 hours for the granules to be completely dissolved before it is safe for your pet. With pet safe this is not the case.  As soon as you apply it and start watering the granules start to dissolve and enter the root system.

5. Organic Liquid Kelp – One of my favorite fertilizers that is safe for kids and pets is this one. For smaller lawns this is an excellent choice. With a well balance ratio of nutrients mix in water and use a spryer to spread.


Always be sure to monitor your pets for a few weeks after fertilizing. This will help you notice if your pet has any signs of poisoning. If you do notice poisoning be sure to get your pet to the nearest veterinarian.

Signs of poisoning to be aware of:

1. Vomiting

2. Diarrhea

3. Depression

4. Seizures










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