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Since I have been growing roses I have always made sure that they stay in the best shape possible. By doing this they are healthier therefore; blooms are bigger and leaves are not as sensitive to leaf spots or other types of diseases. I will note that when cutting large stems bigger than a pencil be sure to spray them with prune sealer. This will help inhibit any type of fungus to enter the cut area and cause your roses harm. It is important to use good quality pruners. When choosing your pruners go with a brand that has stood the test of time. Buying cheap pruners with only hurt your plants in the future by causing rips instead of cuts leading to insect infestation and diseases. Below I have listed some of my favorite pruners I have used over the years.

Felco 2 pruners

Felco has always been the best. The metal they use to make these pruners are of high quality which means they last a long time. Also the handles are very comfortable and help with fatigue if using for a long time.

Fiskars bypass pruners

If you are looking for pruners that are under $20 and still gets the job done, then Fiskars is the brand for you. A company that has been around for 400 years and still in business has a lot to offer the weekend gardener.

Breck’s Rosewood Pruners

One of the best pruners that give a clean cut every time. These are by far one of the best pruners on the market. Breck’s stands behind everything they sell with a lifetime warranty. How can you bet that! Although they come at a hefty price you won’t be disappointed.


Well, that is my pick for pruners. Be sure to always serialize your tools and keep your plants healthy season after season.




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